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Aspiring developer

Hey guys, recently i left my job (roofing industry) i injured my lower back and decided i don't want to hurt myself to earn a living. I'm 25 so still a bit young and i have some bank saved so i'm not in financial strife for quite some time. Recently i was working on a hobby using RPG maker (simple game) and i wanted to make the character move in a certain way and i just couldn't figure out how to. So my friend suggested using scripts, so an hour of googling, i created a couple variables and functions (simple ones) and it really made me think "wow what else could i do" so then i decided to try my hand at html, and then css and then more javascript and now i just want to learn as much as a possibly can especially front side related, i have taken to sites such as code academy and udemy. How did/do you guys learn? Do you think sites like these are good resources to learn from for complete novices? I don't want to go school for this if possible, but if i had to i would.

TLDR- Read the last couple sentences


Submitted June 19, 2017 at 06:29AM by Shinobaka
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