What are some good resources to transition yourself from the average programmer to a ‘software engineer/architect’ one? via /r/learnprogramming

What are some good resources to transition yourself from the average programmer to a ‘software engineer/architect’ one?

First I need to tell you a bit about myself: I graduated with a BSc. (Hons) Internet Application Development which was a degree mostly aimed at programming but not limited to it.

My first two jobs as a developer I got fired after a couple of months after starting (my first ever job was to work on a bank's system as a software engineer .. I felt I was not fit for this job.. especially my first job). The second one I had to leave because I was that 'new guy'.

Anyways, my third job was in IT Operations and I did pretty well and then I switched again to a software developer, where I spent a whole year programming stuff for the gov't before I transitioned to a DevOps (although development decreased).

I consider myself as a newbie programmer. I just look up what I need and try to apply it for my situation. I do not have trouble with syntax (duh) but I have problems to understand the 'basic underlying architecture' of most stuff. As an example, I had to develop and modify new webservices and there was already a project. After ALOT of stress and crying I finished the project BUT I still felt that I didn't understand a thing (everything by trial and error). Later I found it was a server-oriented architecture structure. Most of the technology/methologies were old (15+ years) and I did not study anything related anything to it.

Another example: Yesterday I wanted to learn AngularJS and wanted to eventually integrate it with .NET Core 2. I started some angularjs tutorials which I was understanding but then I tried to implement it with .NET Core 2 (there are some tutorials over the internet but they stop after they tell you how to setup angular in VS 2017). I could not do it. Like where do I even start? I do have programming theory knowledge but I feel it is lacking. Also, I usually start projects and when I stumble (when I can't do something) I just leave it there and never pick it up again.

I DO love programming, when I'm coding and know what I'm coding I feel relaxed and I actually enjoy it! But my lack of knowledge in some areas and stress I have been avoiding software developer jobs because I'm afraid I would be fired if I'm not fit for purpose. Having said that I would love to continue my career in programming.

I know that most knowledge is gained through experience and practice.

Are there any good books/resources that I can read to 'improve' my knowledge? Or maybe do you have some tips?

I would like to transition from the average-programmer to a 'software engineer/architect' if you understand what I mean (being able to conceive a commercial-grade project from start to finish).

I don't expect this will happen overnight but atleast I can start from somewhere.

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