Good “taste” in coding and how to acquire it? via /r/learnprogramming

Good “taste” in coding and how to acquire it?

I've been learning to code in JS and C# for the past few months, and I've reveled in the rewards reaped from creatively problem solving the issues I've faced. I'm beginning to decipher to technical world around me, as if I've been in a foreign country my whole life getting by on body language and gestures and now I am beginning to have my first conversations.

But I've come across something that's blown a bit of schmutz into my wide eyes. I was listening to an interview with Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux, and he describes the conept of "taste" in coding.


To all new programmers dismay, his example of code with bad taste is the one that is commonly taught. His example of code demonstrating good taste is like being back in that metaphorical foreign country again. To my eyes, it's not just a new "dialect," but a completely different language.

My question is when and how does someone develop good taste? Does it come with time and intimacy with the language, or do you need to actively unlearn what is taught and dive deep into alternative solutions to use in your code?

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