Is this normal? via /r/learnprogramming

Is this normal?

So, I learned python and C a few months ago. After that I started coding like a madman, just day after day training and pushing myself to the limit all the time to try and put to use everything that I learned. Was able to make some neat stuff with it, programmed a few bots, automated a lot of stuff that made me and some of my coworkers do things faster where I work. Then my a friend of mine asked me to look into a JavaScript program he made. I said to him that I didn't know JavaScript and wouldn't be of much help to him, then he says that I was the only one he knew who also knows how to code, so I said "meh, what the hell, show me", he opens the program's code and I was shocked, I could understand what was the purpose of the program (he didn't tell me before) and most of the lines in there (apart of some specific syntax) and because of that I was able to help him correct a few things and optimize his program.

So to the point of the post: is it normal that after you get used to coding, you start to read and understand the code naturally, even if it's not the language you code?

Submitted July 09, 2017 at 06:55PM by shadymlady
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