Work on research software with Unity or Rails dev? via /r/learnprogramming

Work on research software with Unity or Rails dev?

Hi all, looking for a bit of advice for a first developer job. I'm from Australia, ex-mechanical engineer, did a Rails bootcamp last year and stepped up the job search in the last few months after some travel. I'm in Japan, just to make things more difficult for myself.

I got an offer at a place run by some ex-researchers, turning their academic work into commercial software with the aim of marketing to industrial applications and similar. It's related to realtime 3d scanning and modelling, and already in early use in some factories, and they've had interest for medical applications. Interesting technology with a lot of potential, and the work would be mainly around improving the interface adding features like measurement and monitoring as needed for customers. They've got 13 people, and mainly use C# and Unity.

I may also get an offer to do web development in rails. I've spoken to one tiny startup where I would be basically running stuff by myself, without guidance. This could be part time if I want. I'm about to talk to another smallish company that's been around for 10 years or so, around 40 people iirc, so more seniors to learn from. It's also rails dev.

I'm a bit caught between which way to go. Building cutting edge 3d tech sounds fun and in line with my engineering background, though pretty daunting. It seems a bit more interesting and challenging than web dev, and like it could be good experience. But I'm worried it may be too niche, and end up making things difficult later. I may be a better programmer after 2 years, but find it harder to get work than if I had been cruising along in a Rails job. Is this a reasonable concern? Would I have any trouble finding work later after using C# and Unity? I've seen plenty of C# jobs available, but not with Unity. Is it easy to jump to another framework, like .NET? I'm not interested in game dev

And how important would it be to work with seniors for a first Rails job? My guess is very important, but I ask because the tiny startup that would put me in charge has a pretty big lifestyle advantage. Part-time in the middle of Tokyo, while the others are full-time in countryside cities.

Money-wise, they would all be fairly similar, and not great. But my hope is to start seeing much better paychecks in a few years, and that future money and lifestyle are big motivations.

Any advice/thoughts/comments are super appreciated. I left my dull mechanical job for the greener pastures of coding, with it's more interesting problems and flexible lifestyles, and this kinda feels like a fork choosing between those two benefits. Thanks. (This is a repost from /cscareerquestions, I saw that this sub may have some good insight)

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