How does Vue.js compare to Aurelia? via /r/learnprogramming

How does Vue.js compare to Aurelia?

So I watched this comparison talk given by Rob Eisenberg (leader of the Aurelia project).


He compares Angular 1.x, Angular 2, Aurelia, Ember, Polymer and React and how they meet different criteria. This criteria fall in three categories:

  • Technical: size, performance, standards compliance, separated presentation, obtrusiveness and interoperability
  • Project and team: license, stars, open issues, members, if they use their own framework and training
  • Community and communication: contributors, collaboration, communication, public appearances and learning materials
  • Business: buy-in, commercial support, consulting, customer relations, official partners, motivation and brand recognition

Results: Aurelia and Ember are good choices, Polymer and React maybe (it depends on the projects) and Angular 1.x and Angular 2 not.

So I was wondering how well compares Vue.js to the other frameworks, in particular Aurelia and Ember, if you use the same criteria?

Submitted July 11, 2017 at 08:16PM by milad_nazari
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