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Programming related obscure terminology

I'm not a native english speaker which doesn't really affect my ability to read or understand english, but every now and then I've to take a deep breath and stop for a second, because of words like: Handle and Context. These two words are quite popular on certain API's and frameworks, and these two are the ones I can remember, but there have been others aswell.

Couple weeks ago I was working on something at work, and I stumbled upon a class that was called a FileHandle if I remember right. Well, how many of you know what it does by it's name? I didn't understand it all, A file that is a handle? Didn't make any sense what so ever, but after a quick Google and it made much more sense after that.

Maybe couple months ago I was writing some Android code, and I've been programming to Android at least for two years by now, and was wondering what the heck the word context even means, I've used countless of times this application.getContext() method, but I didn't even understand what the context ACTUALLY meant. I know what it means literally, but from 'code's perspective' I couldn't wrap my head around it and had to find it out aswell.

Have you ever experienced anything like this at all? Have you ever stumbled on something that keeps you awake at night because you didn't understand the wording or meaning fully? Most likely, please do share.

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