Goals and Where To Start? via /r/learnprogramming

Goals and Where To Start?


So I am currently in Cyber Security in a financial organization. At the moment, it is more of data analysis more than anything. Just wanted to leave a brief background of where I am at.

I have been gaining a huge interest in programming recently. However, my main goal is to master heap/stack overflows and return oriented programming. I am very much interested in reverse engineering and making them work the way they were not intended. Examples for this would be consoles and gaming handhelds (i.e. 3DS, WiiU, etc.). I've asked around these subreddits in particular; Been told to start off with homebrew on these devices beforehand. What do you think?

I briefly worked with Python for one of my courses at university. Roughly 4-5 months of programming in Python. Been messing with C++ recently, but I'm unsure how it will help lead me to what I want to do. C looks like something I should be doing instead, but want feedback before I do so.

What do you think my course of action should be for someone that is interested in vulnerability researching and exploitation in devices/consoles/etc.?

Submitted July 13, 2017 at 01:49AM by MetaVulpes
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