how to get started with augmented reality app on mobile via /r/learnprogramming

how to get started with augmented reality app on mobile

this is my first post here please be kind to me if iam violating any rules. i am at the final year of my undergrad study in computer system engineering i want to build an augmented reality app for restoring some historical places and augmenting them in real world for people to experience these places any where in the previous knowledge includes c/c++(enough to get started building the app)html/css/javascript/mysql/php(enough to build a simple dynamic website)assembly language/verilog what knowledge i think i dont know have in this regard is of graphics programming or using any graphic api's like opengl, no experience in unity but i am going to dive in it. knowing that much about me what would you do i get started.what resources should i use to get the skills of building any kind of augmented reality app.what are the good practices and bad practices.can this project be completed in one will be i treated in market after doing this project with a degree of BS computer systems engineering.any thing would help thank you.

Submitted July 13, 2017 at 04:44PM by mtea994
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