Thinkpad or XPS 15 laptop for programming? (xpost from r/suggestalaptop) via /r/learnprogramming

Thinkpad or XPS 15 laptop for programming? (xpost from r/suggestalaptop)

I was asked to post from outside of r/suggestalaptop, and i thought this would be a good place to ask.

I think i'd like to ask if there's people here who experienced both the OLED 1440p screen with thinkpad keyboard vs a 4k IPS display for programming? I'd love to have your input if possible.

Hi, I'm looking to replace my thinkpad yoga S1 for a newer laptop for my final year in uni. The S1 has served me very well, dual booting ubuntu and windows along with the immense keyboard and the nice occasional pen input use.

It has been tough finding a nice replacement. I value an outstanding screen and good keyboard, minimally 16gb ram, while everything else is a nice to have. I'm deciding mainly between the XPS 15, Thinkpad Yoga X1. I am open to other thinkpad suggestions as well.

My problem is as follows:

XPS 15 has a good screen, and great internals, but suffers in the keyboard aspect and the build quality. It is also heavier than even my current yoga. This would be 1.7k from the outlet store with 7700HQ, 4k display, 16gb, 512gb, gtx950, heavier.

Thinkpad Yoga X1 OLED sounds like a great screen, but i can't find a sample to witness it if it is that good. It has a great thinkpad keyboard and build quality, but doesn't have good internals against the XPS 15. I can't find myself using the pen as often enough to justify getting the yoga as well. USB C charging is a nice addon as well. This would be 1.8k after discount with 7600U, OLED display, 16gb, 512gb, integrated gfx, Pen input, great keyboard, lighter.

I am leaning towards the thinkpad for the weight (as i cycle) and the keyboard, but would like to hear people thoughts on the matter. I will be dual booting ubuntu for programming as well if that would be a factor.

Submitted July 13, 2017 at 05:24PM by agentxq49
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