Dedicating 1 year to learning programming full time, advice/tips/suggestions welcome! via /r/learnprogramming

Dedicating 1 year to learning programming full time, advice/tips/suggestions welcome!

I have an opportunity to live abroad rent free for one yesr to eighteen months (SO is being sent as an expat and company pays rent, gives money to live on, etc) so I am going to be leaving my current engineering job and pursuing coding. I don't want to do a course that costs a ton of money so am looking for suggestions on how to create a "DIY" scheme. I have been working full time as an engineer so I am not worried about holding myself to a schedule and would like to be doing 30-40 hrs/week (not necessarily 5 days x 8 hrs/day but will have aim to set up and follow a routine).

I have been doing to do JavaScript which so far I like, but at the end of the free course I'm not sure if it's worth the fee to continue with the program (don't know anybody who had done it so would be interested on people's experience with it). Does anybody have any general thoughts, suggestions, or tips on good online courses, low-cost paid courses, or alternative ideas to structure my pursuit? For an example, a friend of mine who quit her engineering job a year or two ago and has been doing freelance coding recommended a non-profit that contracts out volunteers to help them with their coding needs in exchange for setting you up with clients they work with.

As general info, my current plan is to begin with front end stuff and after several months start trying to get small freelance gigs online to keep me in shape and maybe get some pocket money, then switch to a back-end language. I was doing Ruby before which I liked a lot, but any advice on the best backend oriented language to start with would be appreciated too. If it matters, I will be living in Kuala Lumpur. Thanks!

Submitted July 14, 2017 at 03:43PM by joonbar
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