I need a bit of guidance via /r/learnprogramming

I need a bit of guidance

I am a sophomore student in college and I have been trying to teach myself with free code camp this summer ever since May. Although I may be in college I consider myself quite new to programming and new to developing in general. I had a rough first year and I have been trying to recover from it since by trying to catch up. I decided to try FCC, I started with the live version then moving to the beta version. My problem is I get overwhelmed looking at the projects, I don't know how to get started. I feel like I forgot most of what I learned and I haven't been able to complete a single project and I have been beating myself over it. I was thinking of supplementing Free Code Camp with a Udemy course, the Web Developer Bootcamp, but I'm worried I am just using it to productively procrastinate.

I then began talking to a friend of mine who told me to try app development instead. Now this got me even more sidetracked towards looking for tutorials geared towards Andriod development. I do have some experience in Java from school. The problem is I don't want to leave web development behind and I guess I'm having trouble deciding what I want to put my entire focus on.

Do other people experience these things or am I just overthinking things? And I guess I'm looking for any advice you guys have to get out of this loop of productive procrastination. Thank you very much for reading!

Submitted July 15, 2017 at 01:50AM by FCCquestions
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