Need advice on learning data structures and algorithms(java) via /r/learnprogramming

Need advice on learning data structures and algorithms(java)

Hi guys I've been studying java for about 3 months now (finished part 1 of U helsinki's mooc and just started part 2) and I figure now's a good time for me to start learning about data structures and algorithms. I've heard of the ones on udemy and youtube but I was just looking for some input before I make a decision. In your personal opinion which online course for DS&A would be the best for a student with no prior background in it or any prior background in discrete math. I have however taken calculus 1 & 2 and passed with an A. I've heard discrete is more related to ds&a than calculus but I don't start my discrete math class until septemeber and I want a head start because I really want to find an internship for next summer and at my current rate school wise I won't have taken a DS&A class until september of 2018 (unless I take summer classes). I can handle the work to learn it on my own, I have always been more of a self-starter than someone who needs constant classroom direction. There are so many resources online so I know I could teach myself enough (especially while using hackerrank and leetcode) to land a low level internship. I don't care if the company isn't prestegious. I just want to start somewhere. Thanks in advance guys. I'd appreciate any advice/insight that you guys can offer.

Submitted July 15, 2017 at 12:39AM by PancakeBloat
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