Searching for creative alignment as a part-time Web Dev – am I naive? via /r/learnprogramming

Searching for creative alignment as a part-time Web Dev – am I naive?

I seem to be in that career angst that many late-30-somethings are finding themselves in. And so – I've gone down the "should I consider coding" rabbit hole. Looking over Reddit (and YouTube) has been very helpful in this exploration. What piqued my interest is that I've been trying to move into a more creative career for a while. I got my MBA about 6 years ago, did some management work in Ed, and now I have a stable but boring job in Higher Ed. On the side I work as a photographer. I have no coding experience, but I'm fairly sharp — went to a top school — and have some solid math experience; I'm also pretty self-taught and have never struggled with discipline around learning things on my own. Conveniently, I could spend a lot of my time at my current job learning code.

What interests me about Web Development and Coding:

Job security Stable income Future proof? Aligns well creatively with what I'm trying to do more with photo / video

What I hope it will provide: Flexibility in time and location

What I ultimately want to do is pursue a Nanodegree (or something similar) in the hopes of securing freelance work in a year after putting in some serious learning time. What I don't want is to make $80K in a city like NYC doing 40-60 hours of work per week; I don't need that kind of money and am I'm happy in my college town of 50K people. I'm pretty minimal and my modest $40K income right now is just great for my lifestyle; I really wouldn't want much more as my thinking is to do Web work more part-time. What I hope to get out of coding and Dev work is creative alignment and the ability to be more flexible with time and location. I put a lot of thought into that work-play life equation and, for me, I value my free time much more and wouldn't have a lot of use for extra cash and less time.

I'm also eager to be in a learning-focused career track, something where I'm stimulating my brain much more. Right now my job is fairly interpersonal (one of my strongest suits), but it's not challenging in a learning sense.

Is this vision naive? Can one do this kind of work part-time and freelance without it being horribly mundane (i.e., without being part of a full-time crew)? Thanks for reading and your time!

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