Overwhelming problems, Game Engines. via /r/learnprogramming

Overwhelming problems, Game Engines.

I've been coding Java on and off for a few years now and I've been trying to create a 2D game from scratch. The deeper I go, the more I realize I should probably use an engine, but I figure doing it all by myself would be a good learning experience. However, I'm super overwhelmed by a lot of the things I'm trying to do, specifically collision. I have a method I've had but it sucks and I don't understand how it works at all (I got it from a tutorial) do I can't change/improve it. Currently, all the tiles use the same size of bounds so if I have a smaller object, it's collision box is still full size. Anyway, I tried to start learning c++ to use the Unreal Engine but that is also very overwhelming, as UE4 has its own system. I'm not sure what to do… I want an engine to make the game a lot easier but at the same time I want to learn how it all works, but I can't begin to understand how it all works thus I can't develop my own method to improve it to my liking. Overwhelming problems like this pushes me away from coding for months, and I have to repeatingly catch up every time I get the courage to come back.

Any suggestions on learning any engines with a similar language to Java, or advice for beginning to understand something that overwhelms me?

Submitted July 16, 2017 at 01:38PM by DreamCentipede
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