Question about automating/web scraping in Python from Microsoft Dynamics via /r/learnprogramming

Question about automating/web scraping in Python from Microsoft Dynamics

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to think of ways to automate some of the reports I have to run using Microsoft Dynamics at work. Unfortunately, any reporting feature within Dynamics has not yet been enabled for us yet, so I have to do everything manually.

I found the web scraping tutorial from Automate the Boring Stuff to be incredibly helpful, but unfortunately I don't think the method outlined there works exactly for what I am trying to achieve.

My process to obtain the data I need is as follows:

  1. Log into Dynamics. On my dashboard, I have three queues. Sales opportunities populate in these three queues depending on various attributes.

  2. I then have to click on each sales opportunity to enter it, from which I can retrieve three different pieces of data: Name, account id, and opportunity number. I take this data and paste them into an excel spreadsheet.

  3. Then I have to navigate back to my dashboard and repeat the process.

The reason I am struggling is because it seems like all the web tutorials about scraping seem to just do so based on the html attributes of the main page, not any sort of automated process that involves navigating the website as a whole. I'm not looking for someone to write the program for me, just to point me in the right direction(or even tell me if it is possible in the first place).

Thanks in advance!

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