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Hello all,

I am an avid programmer. I spend most of my days building data analytics queries in SQL and in my free time, I try to enhance my C++, Java or JavaScript. I aced C++ and Java in college but don't really get to use it at all at my job, and I am a very project-oriented coder: give me a problem, and I'll try to solve it.

Since SQL is my baby (I have 8 years experience), I was wondering what you guys/gals would recommend for integrating my SQL with Java, C#, C++ or JavaScript.

I am aware that there's tons of API's out there for DB access, but I am looking more for project-specific ideas like "display a query result in a webpage using" or "here's a good resource if you want to make dashboard's for data analytics"

Thanks all for the help!

Submitted July 17, 2017 at 05:07PM by LightningRift
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