Structuring my learning. via /r/learnprogramming

Structuring my learning.

Hi, apologies if this is asked and answered, I did have a quick look through the FAQs and didn't see exactly what I was after, which is essentially a little bit of advice. I've been learning to program (and some CS), pretty seriously for a couple of months. This is not my first attempt, but while I understand a lot of basic principles I'm still essentially a beginner, which is fine.

My issue is that I come to a point where I become so overwhelmed by what I don't know, and so conflicted by what I should be learning, that in my brain starts wandering off in 3 or 4 different directions at the same time and I end up learning pretty much nothing about everything. Rather frustratingly, I often try to run (hop, skip, cartwheel and dance) before I can crawl.

My question I suppose is not so much about motivation as it is about focus, I know an awful lot of this comes down to how best I learn, but what I really wanted (as well as just a forum for venting a little) was advice on maintaining focus. I often get extremely self conscious when I notice a gap in my knowledge that appears to be a lot deeper than just a bug in a program and then I attempt to plug it by going back and learning a whole other aspect of computer science from scratch.

Would it be advised to just ignore certain things that I'm somewhat ignorant about and just keep on tunnel visioning my way forward, or maybe is it better to try and get at least a foundational knowledge of most everything? If so how would I go about structuring that sort of learning?

There just seems more to learn than any single person could possibly manage. I know abstraction is a key concept in CS but abstracting away large parts of how things actually work makes me really uncomfortable. I'm sorry this extremely is ramble-y, but I'm really serious about learning and I have a habit of hitting walls and just not knowing whether plow through or take an alternative route. Thanks.

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