This might sound weird: I cannot do pseudocode! via /r/learnprogramming

This might sound weird: I cannot do pseudocode!

I started programming using an actual programming language since I was really young; then, I kept on developing into other programming languages implementing many things, living and breathing with them without pretty much ever touching pseudocode or any more abstract disciplines in computer science. It's not until recently when I started a Computer Science course that it behoves me to understand the abstraction of pseudocode.

Surprisingly, pseudocode is really hard for me. I've been extremely used to the creative constraints, limitations, and procedures posed by many practical programming languages that I feel overwhelmed by the sheer possibility of pseudocode. When I do try to write out pseudocode, I always end up making "my own programming language" that looks a lot like actual C, and I always automatically think of the exact way to implement such procedures right inside my head (e.g., for the bubble sort, I don't think of swap; I think of moving this and that to another buffer of size n and whatever that the programming language wants).

The fact that I am so used to the boundaries of practical programming languages seriously frustrates me as it seems to make me unable to work in the more abstract level. How can I possibly free my mind from the strict bounds and work with the freedom given by pseudocode? Thanks!

Submitted July 17, 2017 at 08:27AM by suttiwit
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