Efficiency in learning to program via /r/learnprogramming

Efficiency in learning to program

I'll cut to the point, I am going to have about 15 free days in which I can sit on my computer all day. I feel like I can spend these significant 8+ hours a day to learn a significant chunk of programming. What I'm asking is, how do I use this time most effectively?

Do I devise a schedule in which I watch 2 hours of videos, read 2 hours of online blogs and than program for 4 hours?

Do I focus on one specific area, or do I branch out and try to grasp multiple concepts in one sitting?

One common example I hear is that I should "do, not watch videos." How does one do this exactly?

How does one go about writing code when he doesn't even know 1/10th of the syntax?

What is the optimum way to learn such syntax?

What is the best way to apply that knowledge?

For reference, I'm starting with python and my skill level is a bit above beginner. I can print lines and lists, I know variables, and I can make a simple calculator without graphics by defining add, sub, mul and div functions. I kind of understand while/for loops but I'm still a bit iffy on them, and that's pretty much it. Sorry for the relentless questions, I just really wanna make the most of my time, and I also really wanna learn to program.

Submitted July 17, 2017 at 09:41PM by iKnowButWhy
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