[Java] Please help me figure out setting up this project via /r/learnprogramming

[Java] Please help me figure out setting up this project

Hi /r/leanrprogramming, I need some help.

For the past week I've been really struggling setting myself up this project. What I want to do is set up a maven project that has a connection to a SQL database (MySQL at the current moment), offers RESTful services and enables token-based authentication, and here's the kicker that I'm stuck with, WHERE PASSWORD ISN'T STORED IN CLEARTEXT.

It just sounds so simple but for the life of me I cannot find any proper resource explaining how and why. Everything I have found so far is just different enough that I cannot expand upon it and I cannot expand upon it because with spring most of it is done by magic and is really hard to follow. I'm extremely frustrated because it sounds like the bare minimum a project needs to have in this day and age and I cannot figure it out.

My last attempt was taking this, modifying it by changing the model to accomodate a salt, implemented a password helper class that generates the salt and encrypts my password but now the authentication doesn't work anymore because it's not the same password anymore and I have no clue where to look.

I'm obviously missing something, it just cannot be this difficult. Please help me by explaining if I'm going the wrong way about this or by offering some good resources to learn. I'm playing around but I want to make it as a solid foundation for a potential large project, not something that doesn't scale.

Thank you.

Submitted July 18, 2017 at 02:58AM by aTairyHesticle
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