Questions from a beginner. via /r/learnprogramming

Questions from a beginner.


(first of all my first language is german, so sorry for my mediocre english)

in a week it is my 27th birthday and i just recently started learning to code/program. I have a bachelor in business economics but absolutly no ambitions to do anything in that field. Why did i study it then? Because i had absolutly no clue what to do with my life at this time.

After i finished my degree i became a fulltime online poker player because it made me more money and allowed me to be free and work from home. (It developed the skills while studying business economics)

Recently i quit poker and live off of savings now. I quit because i fucking hated it. There was nothing left to learn and 90% of the grind was autopilot and i realized that just making good money isnt enough to make up for hating the work itself and all the hours i had to put in. Of course i didnt stop as soon as it became boring. I really pushed through for a while but eventually i decided that i want to do something else.

It has been a couple months since i quit poker and i spent the time trying to find out what i want to do in the future. I tried different things to find something i can be really passionate about (money is secondary). Eventually i came to coding because i remembered that i started that hobby as a child. Unfortuntly i never got really deep into that stuff because at age 14-15 drinking and smoking weed became more important to me.

Ok, now my actual question:

So i am learning coding right now and so far i enjoy it. My question is, how much of the work as a programmer (at a company or as a freelancer) is actually similar to what i do when i learn to code? Lets say i sit down and want to make my own calculator with java. Its really fun to figure out how to make the GUI and get everything to work. It feels like a riddle. I also enjoy the writing of the code itself. But i am not delusional and i dont think an actual job will be as much fun as this.

So how similar is a job to what i am going throught now? Sitting down and writing lines of code trying to fit everything together. And how will it be in the future? Will it still be necessary to write down the code for the algorithms and functions or will it get more and more obsolete so that eventually there is only prebuilt components that you have to fit together to realize your idea? You know, like a tool kit. Will the future be more like these programs where you can just put components together without any idea on how to code and get an app ready or will it still be necessary to sit down and write actual code with semicolons and loops and everything? Because i really enjoy this part.

And also what about AI? I googled it a bit and its really hard to figure out if that will making coding/programing obsolete.

And i am to old to get into programming realistcally?

Submitted July 17, 2017 at 08:34PM by Fr4nkWh1te
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